Stephen A. Warren

Spear-headed and lateral thinking father ready to take on the next phase of helping people stay safe and keep the world turning. With a decade worth of logistical training and self-taught technological abilities, it can bring in fresh ideas to an ever-changing situation.

Work History

Job Title: Logistics Associate
Company Name: Walmart
Dates Employed: Jul 2008 – Present
Employment Duration: 10 yrs 3 months(Still ongoing)
Location: Clarksville, Arkansas
Following Jobs pertain to time at Walmart DC #6082
(Aug. 2017- Present) Dry Grocery Shipping Loader: Responsible for wrapping grocery pallets and loading them into Walmart trailers in a timely manner.
(July 2008-Aug. 2017) Dry Grocery Order-filler: Responsible for grabbing grocery products in an accurate and timely manner to be sent out to Walmart stores within 700 miles of our warehouse.
Special Notes about time with Walmart:
(2014) Sent by Walmart to remodel Local Walmart Store for two months
(Oct-Nov 2017) Sent by Walmart down to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey
(Oct 2018) Sent to Northern Missouri to help a Distribution Center in Need
(Oct. 2015-Oct. 2018) Senior Safety Team Leader
(2017) Walmart Distribution Center of the Year Award
(Jan. 2018) Sent to Northeastern Oklahoma to help a Distribution Center in Need

Job Title: Web Designer
Company Name: Freelance
Dates Employed: May 2008 – May 2017
Employment Duration: 9 Years
Location: Clarksville, Arkansas
Job Information:
• Using HTML and CSS allowed me to be able to build frontend web sites for those who inquired about them which allowed them to move further into the digital age.

Job Title: Lead Web Developer/Social Media Analyst
Company Name: Cellular-Medic, (formerly ifixiphonez)
Dates Employed: January 2010 – November 2013
Employment Duration: 3 Years, 11 Months
Location: Clarksville, Arkansas | Boston, Massachusetts
Job Information:
• Hired to rebuild, update, and revitalize the company’s website to better serve its customers.
• Maintained while adding/subtracting products when needed.
• Managed social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Job Title: Lead Web Designer
Company Name: Hoyles Walkin Western
Dates Employed: June 2008 – January 2010
Employment Duration: 1 Year, 8 Months
Location: Clarksville, Arkansas
Job Information:
• Built website from scratch with custom layout for a Mom and Pop store that sold Custom Metal Furniture along with Southern Apparel.
• Maintained website until store closed.


School Name: Clarksville High School
Degree: High School Diploma
Field Of Study: General Knowledge
Graduation May 2008
Activities and Societies: Environmental And Spatial Technologies Server Administrator. Sports; Football and Track.
Awards: Environmental And Spatial Technology Award for Excellence

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