We see what you are doing and feel its time to talk about us...

Tesla and Clarksville, Arkansas

We've been watching what you have been doing to help the Earth and feel that its time for us to talk about moving our relationship to the next level.

While residing in the Natural State, we've seen some incredibly beautiful things. From the Arkansas River to the Ozark Mountains, you never know what amazing scenery will come around the next corner! This is why we want you here to join us! Clarksville, Arkansas is the first 100% Renewable Energy City in the Natural State, beating out Fayetteville and our state capital, Little Rock. We don't want to stop there, we want to set the pace for the rest of the state. We see your vehicles stop by during our famous Johnson County Peach Festival every summer and we all agreed that it fits our way of life. All electric, family-friendly, perfectly crafted... We believe you are around our next corner and can't wait to see you.

Plus, we see us on your website, so we think you agree. 😉


Clarksville is one of a few cities in the State of Arkansas to own and operate an electric utility. We are also home to two functional Solar Farms, totaling 7 MW, with a third on the way to power the West River Valley Solid Waste District. The West River Valley Solid Waste District handles Recycling from 9 of Arkansas' 75 Counties.

But Why Clarksville?

With stats like these, why not?

Prime Central Location

While being located right on Interstate 40, Clarksville is in the middle of the major metropolitan areas of Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, and New Orleans – all within a day’s drive.

Fiber-wired Connection

Our City-owned and operated utility company has invested in bringing the information superhighway to the homes and businesses of Clarksville. They can provide reliable symmetrical speeds of up to 10 GB/s to help your company operate at the speed of light.

Great Incentives

Clarksville has a dedicated allocation of revenue for economic development and offers an array of incentive programs to support growing businesses in order to strengthen the local economy and create jobs. Available programs include but not limited to tax abatements and rebates, cash grants, donated or discounted land, as well as training assistance and payroll rebates.

Higher Quality Of Life

With state-of-the-art facilities, the Johnson Regional Medical Center (JRMC) has become a center of medical excellence. Recent recognition for JRMC includes a Level 4 Trauma certification by the state. JRMC is recognized by the Arkansas Department of Health for a Defect-Free Care Award for stroke patient care. Only one other hospital in the state scored higher on care provided to stroke patients than JRMC. This is quite an accomplishment for a small rural hospital.

Recycle Capital of the
River Valley

Home to the West River Valley Solid Waste District (WRVSWD) and Greensource Recycling, and is capable of processing plastic bottles, metal cans, cardboard, electronics, glass, paper, household hazardous waste, and E-waste (batteries, computers, fluorescent light bulbs). Our unique capability lies in the Used Tire Processing or Tire Shredder.

100% Solar Power

The City has a total of 7 MW solar energy production to power all City assets. This leadership in solar power gives Clarksville a competitive edge in the sustainable products and renewable energy category. We are the first city in the Great State of Arkansas to achieve this, beating out Fayetteville and Little Rock.

Constantly Connected

Clarksville can help you be connected to everyone and everything via Interstate, Rail, Water, Air, or even Digitally.

Beautiful Scenery

With the entire northern half of the county in the Ozark National Forest, scenic beauty and outdoor opportunities abound -- canoeing, fishing, hiking, and camping.

But really, why Clarksville?

Has Tesla looked at its presence along Interstate 40 lately?

With the lack of Showrooms or Service Stations between Memphis, Tennessee, and well, California, we would love to add one to our city to help improve that logistical situation. Don't get us started on the lack of Superchargers... It is 557 miles between the Supercharger in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Jackson, Tennessee! Not even our reserved Tri-motor Cybertruck can make that drive without begging for a charge! The Tesla Semi could if it wasn't hauling anything... Did we mention not only do we have a Walmart Distribution Center(which is the Grocery DC of the Year three years running!) and Tyson plants in our town but we are also home to the last Hanes Brand Inc. in the United States? We want to give those Tesla Semis a place to charge overnight or even during the day between its travels throughout Arkansas and the rest of the country!

Need more reasons to pick Clarksville? Check out the maps and information below that we pulled from your website that will give better details on why Clarksville would be perfect for your new home!

Tesla and its dark Interstate 40 pathways

What does Kansas City, St. Louis and Dallas Have in Common? They are not along the I-40 but thats where Arkansas and Oklahoma have to go to buy Tesla.

  • 555

    Miles between OKC and Jackson, TN
  • 2

    Current Live Superchargers in Arkansas
  • 5

    Number of hours to closest Tesla Showroom
  • 2

    Number of years until our CyberTruck is here

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