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The Johnson County Food Festival Idea

Project Status: In Development. Currently has parties interested in project, awaiting more information.

The purpose of this project is to not only bring in more food choices to a town that is growing but to bring some fun and competition to the already stable food industry. If we can turn this project into something feasible and worthwhile for the community, it could turn into a yearly event. With more and more food trucks showing up across the country, we would love to bring them to our way to see what new and exciting things can come from it.

This idea has several potential benefits for the area holding the event such as increase in revenue along with bringing increased traffic to local businesses. Between social media and other ads(such as radio, flyers, newspaper, etc.) this would bring in possibly even more competitors and visitors. The U.S. Food Truck industry is forecasted to bring in almost $1B USD by they year 2020 after bringing in only $800M USD in 2014 (Link A).

This event would bring in different foods from counties around and bring out the best our county has to offer. This festival can include several different food competitions resulting in points towards the final trophy of a Giant Peach. While competitors pay entrance into the competition, the public and food connoisseurs would only have to pay for the food they eat.
Depending on the amount of entrants we receive, the bigger the festival can be. After all of the operating costs are paid, the left over money will be split between an organization picked before hand and the winner of the competition.

Some of the operating costs would insist of(but not limited to):
~renting the fairgrounds (see link B)
~tables & chairs (see link B)
~Portable Toilets
~Utensils (Such as Trash bags, forks, napkins)
All competitors are required to bring their own food and fuel unless purchased from the organizers of the event.
If you have any interest in this project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Below are links for information pertaining to this event:
A. Food Truck Industry Value
B. Johnson County Fair Ground Rental Information
C. List of Food Truck Vendors that participated in Main Street Food Trucks event in 2018