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Walmart A.C.T. Program
Proposal has been archived. For access, please email me.

Recent Changes:
~ Revised Graphics for the iOS App (9/21/18)
~ Added a new page for an iOS App pertaining to on-location associates (9/20/18)
~ Updated Liability Disclaimer (9/15/18)


The JC Food Festival
Currently under development with a few interested parties

Project Overview:
The purpose of this project is to not only bring in more food choices to a town that is growing but to bring some fun and competition to the already stable food industry. If we can turn this project into something feasible and worthwhile for the community, it could turn into a yearly event. With more and more food trucks showing up across the country, we would love to bring them to our way to see what new and exciting things can come from it.

Recent Changes:
~ Added horrendous makeshift logo to give it personality (9/21/18)
~ Webpage built with pertaining information (9/14/18)
~ Research is currently being conducted on locations, costs, and benefits (8/30/18)

Cell Towers for Teachers
Currently on the drawing board

Project Overview:
Teachers in rural areas do not receive enough funding to properly stock classrooms with books and other necessary school supplies. Some rural areas also do not have adequate enough cell phone reception allowing them to contact emergency personal such as police, firefighters or paramedics. We believe we may have a solution to fix both situations and have began the research process to see if the project is feasible.

Recent Changes:
~ Initial Idea (8/30/18)