The A.C.T. Program (Overview)

The A.C.T. Program

Walmarts next step in Situational Response

     We aim to strengthen local community cohesion and resilience while inspiring our associates to give back. By designing giving programs that meet specific social needs, we work through our stores and associates to enable positive change in the communities we serve.
     But what about our Distribution Centers? Everyone loves the Distribution Centers but they are rarely talked about as the stores are the face of Walmart. These Distribution Centers have a lot going for them as they are the pride of Walmart Logistics, in prime distance from the Stores/Clubs they serve and in the perfect place to help all the communities they serve as well! Every Distribution Center ships millions of cases of product every year to these communities along with donating back to them. In 2017, Walmart D.C. #6082 gave $3,558,620.26 to the communities around it. The money is helping feeding the homeless, building new buildings at parks along with giving to the Children's Miracle Network. These associates not only give to local charities and communities, they also give yearly to the Associates in Critical Need Trust which helps Associates across the world when they need it.
     According to MWPVL International, Walmart had 173 Walmart and Sams Club Distribution Centers within the United States and had 4 more planned for opening in the future. With 177 Distribution Centers, Walmart has thousands of associates ready and waiting for the word to help at any cost. This is where The A.C.T. Program comes in.

"Individuals don't win; teams do"
- Sam Walton

Associates Crisis Teams

     This is Walmarts next answer to the ongoing relief efforts after an emergency. These teams will be the first step to redefining how we can help control the logistics of Disaster Relief. They will become the face of our D.C.'s and will become Walmarts "First Responders"; The Eyes, Ears, and Boots on the ground. They will be able to help Walmart provide the resources that the communities need by being on scene when the first relief trucks arrive, whether it be at a convention center after a Hurricane or on the corner of your local street after a Tornado. These D.C. associates are hard workers by trade and constantly lift the resources that we ship to these emergency situations, so why not send them to help unload it as well?

How will the A.C.T. Program Work?

     The A.C.T. Program, if an emergency arises, is activated only by the E.O.C. Upon arrival to the location, the team would be able to relay the information about what's needed in the communities that we service back to E.O.C. With a direct line of communication to the E.O.C., Walmart will be able move assets to the affected areas more precisely and efficiently. If Team A is on scene at Emergency A and Emergency B occurs, Team B, if that D.C. is closest and needed, is sent to that site. These teams will show up with relief bags that they will bring with them from their Distribution Center. With the amount of Distribution Centers across the U.S., not having a quick response team at the disaster area will be a thing of the past. Activated at a moment’s notice and dispatched for 1- 4 weeks at a time with a minimum 2 week “recharging” period at home before being dispatched to the next place of help. With the amount of teams overall, Walmart will never have to question who they can send.

Eight(8) Associates

     The A.C.T. Program will not need much as Walmart already has these associates in place, so hiring new people is not necessary. They are already respected members of your distribution centers. These associates are your everyday upstanding associates that your managers would suggest for your T3 Programs, Safety teams, Fire Brigade, and SIRT teams. They are your associates who are your valued cross trained and that you rely on day in and day out. They are the ones you want at work the day your Vice President and C.E.O show up randomly so they will give off the best impression of your warehouse, its work ethic and its pride. The ones who are not afraid to get a little dirty and jump into action when asked.

Two(2) Managers

     These are the Managers you already have. They are the best in your Shipping and Receiving departments. They are the ones with the great evaluations. The ones who constantly have the #1 department in not only your warehouse but across the company. The ones you never have to question if they will get the job done and get it done efficiently. These managers are the ones your associates can trust without giving it a second thought because they are jumping into action with them.

How would we pick these teams?

     These positions are special positions only obtained by interviews. We want to make sure the associates we get are the ones who we can trust and make sure we know they will do the right thing when the opportunity arises. These 8 associates are spread across the warehouse, two per shift. They will continue to work at your Distribution Centers and every month will have a meeting with the E.O.C. on procedural updates, disaster updates and other things.

The Benefits of the A.C.T. Program

     The communities Walmart serves will see that Walmart isn't just a big business that treats communities like a number. The communities will see that we care about the well being of them. The program is the Distribution Centers way of giving more back to the communities around them. The teams will respond to all types of situations covered by E.O.C. and will work side by side with the American Red Cross, United Way, along with any other relief organizations. With the program, this will help forge a new era of quick actions to bring communities back to life. With these associates being physically hard workers by trade, Walmart does not have to worry about task being to difficult.
     With only one of the two team members allowed off during a shift, this will allow the remaining associate of the team available to understand the situation and start getting the pertaining gear together while the other team members show up. Upon arrival at the D.C., the responding team will be briefed via communication from the E.O.C and dispatched to the location. Thanks to the direct line of communication between the team manager and the E.O.C, if updates happen, information would be received simultaneously. From that moment, the best plan of action can be determined between Walmart and the teams on site.