The Facebook Experiment

     On March 31st, 2018, I decided to do a little social media experiment by
deleting my Facebook account completely. Doing so allowed me to see how
much we use social media during our everyday lives. I used it more than
I would like to admit, so it seemed like a great way to be able to work on
other stuff I had been neglecting around the house. Facebook does not like
users deleting their profile so finding the link to completely delete was
difficult. After doing a little bit of searching, I managed to come across
the hidden webpage allowing me to do so. It first gives you the option to
download EVERYTHING Facebook has on you including, photos, contacts, and
other memories so you do not lose anything since the start of your account.
After doing so you will have to confirm that you understand the difference
between deactivating and deleting the account. Once confirmed you have
14 days to cancel your account deletion. When those 14 days are up, you no
longer have a Facebook account and you will see what I have seen the past
month and a half.

     For the 14 day wait period, I admit that I wanted to cancel and log back
in because we are all addicted to social media. Its not unheard of in this day
and age. You wake up, social media time. You eat breakfast, have to post it
to social media. It is the same all day... Lunch time... Gym time... Break
time at work... Driving home... laying in bed with your significant other...

So to do this experiment I followed the following procedures:

~ Download everything Facebook has on you and store it in multiple places
~ Do not tell anyone that you deleted it, let them come to you
~ Keep track of how many times people ask,
                "Did you see (insert something here) on Facebook?"
~ Count how many times someone says "couldn't reach you without Facebook"