January 1st, 2016

Happy New Year! Time for the whole "New Year, New You" stuff you hear every year from your overweight friends and even the skinny girl at your job who just wants to shed a couple pounds because she stayed in this winter and claims she ate too many chocolate truffles. I would like to say this is different. Wife and I decided that our weight cant be a deciding factor if we want to take our daughters to the beach(Im not going to drive 10+ to a beach unless I feel damn good looking so I can show off for my wife). Last year a good friend of mine, Greg, told me if I got down to 250 pounds, he would buy us Big Orange Burger while we camped for our iPhones during release week. Of course I took the challenge. I was at 282 pounds at the time, I knew i needed to start doing something or I was going to be like this the rest of my wife. For the 2 months of the challenge, I walked and walked and walked and rode bikes and walked and walked... You get the picture... I did as much as I wanted to while life let me. The day before I went camping I weighed myself in a 260 pounds. The lowest I had been since the 8th grade.

Shortly after that, Anytime Fitness announced they were opening a brand new gym in my town and that I can receive a discount for working at Walmart. The wife and I went in and they the price was $40.99 a month before tax for just myself before the discount. It came to $34 after tax and the discount for myself. They gave my wife the same price. So now my wife and I are in a 2 year contract with the gym for $67 and change a month, we are going to use that sucker! The gym has 13" TVs on each elliptical, stair stepper, stationary bike and treadmill. They come with DirecTV and a port for your headphones so you can just get your ass moving in your own world and not have to worry about who is in the gym with you.

So here we are Today. The first day of my two year challenge! With my iPhone, my Apple Watch and My Gym membership, the tracking and training I will be doing will be taken care of with ease. Only issue now is getting up and doing it. Wish me luck!

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